The Camlock System Components


The Camlock bracket is the main outside re-usable component of the system. Made from cast steel, it is easily usable for the next 30 years.

The Camlock connects to the Snaptie on the outside of the form ply. It holds the 2 X 4 waler in place.

With the way the Camlock holds 2 X 4s in place there are no nails required.


The Quicker Hand Set System

  • Cam Lock Bracket engages the loop-end tie, securely holding the 2×4 waler into place.
  • Stiffback Clamps attach to Cam Lock Brackets anywhere a 2×4 Stiffback member is needed
  • Self-centering plastic cushion cones seat tightly to the form providing a neat & clean breakback
  • Cam Lock ties are self spreading with a metal washer embedded into each cone
  • 1”, 1 1⁄2”, or 2” depth cones or washers
  • Cam Lock ties eliminate the need for long and short end ties by utilizing one standard end length


Typical Form Design

  • Typical tie pattern is 16”x24” using common forming materials (2×4 lumber and 3⁄4” plywood form face)
  • 2250# safe working load (2:1 safety factor) adjust tie pattern/pour rate according to specific job requirements
  • Uses less lumber and requires less nailing than other typical wood-based hand-set systems
  • Customizable and flexible system—adaptable to most other types of wall forming systems
  • Stackable—use with Scaffold Brackets

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The Strongback bracket is the secondary re-usable exterior component in the system. Also made from cast steel it has a life span as long as the Camlock.

The Strongback attaches to the Camlock bracket to hold vertical supports in place as required. This enables you to stack sheets and keep them aligned.

The vertical supports are simply there to keep the form straight.


These are the key to the whole system. Available in any length from 100mm up to 12 meters, there are also a variety of Snapties available for doing single sided forming.

They are a consumable product that remains in the concrete. The ties are thin metal rods, 5mm thick, with plastic cones and loops at each end. The loop goes through a 20mm hole in the plywood and the Camlock fastens on to it. The cone on the inside is fixed in place and maintains the plywood at the specified spacing. The ties are engineered to withstand 4500 lbs of pressure.

The breakback feature of the tie allows the exposed loop end, after removal of plywood, to simply be twisted and will snap off inside the concrete there-by eliminating exposed metal ends. The snapped end, as well as the cone, simply come off leaving a small cone shaped divot in the concrete. Unlike conventional forming, where you have a plastic lined hole through the concrete after removal of the rods, this leaves none. This makes waterproofing the concrete much easier.

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