Our services

We provide everything you will require to complete your concrete forming project. Either by hire or by purchase. We can assist you in different ways and you decide which way will work best for your needs.


First: Do you Purchase or Hire

You can decide if the Gates Camlock System is something you would reuse consistently and if it makes financial sense for you to invest in the system for your own use. We are happy to discuss with you your on-going requirements and how our system can benefit your company and we will give you all the information you need to make a sound decision.

If you would prefer to hire the system, there are options here as well. Call us and we can determine exactly what you need. Hiring will save you the capital outlay for materials, transport and storage of equipment.

Since our system utilizes common 18mm form ply and CLS dimension 4 X 2, some customers would prefer to supply that themselves or we can supply this for you.


Second: What do you want your package to contain

Some clients have become familiar with the system and can simply tell us what they need. OR you can use our full-service option.
If you would like to send us your project blueprints/details. We will supply:

  • Itemized quote of all the equipment required.
  • Supply step by step details on how to assemble the forms.
  • Supply Temporary Works designs from our Certified Engineers.
  • Provide you with On-Site guidance while forms are being assembled.
  • Or we can send in a trained team to complete the job for you.

We will coordinate deliveries and pick ups based on your schedule. Please contact us for more information.


We recognize that this system has never been seen here in the UK and so we will provide training for you.

For first time users, we will always provide in person guidance on site at time of delivery. We have options available for the depth of assistance required.

Here are your options:

  • We can have a trained person on site to give your personnel a hands-on familiarization with the system. This would be provided free of charge for
    first time users.
  • You can hire a SMSTS certified person to supervise the work for as long as you require.
  • You can hire a CSCS certified joiner, experienced with our system, to be your lead hand on site.
  • Through our sister company we can provide a full labour package to complete the entire contract.
  • We can provide an in-person training course at your facilities to teach your site personnel how to use the system efficiently.

Clients Testimonials

What are your engineering requirements?

Contact us to discuss your project today. Send us your engineering requirements and we will let you know what you will need for your job (free quote). We will work with you to control your program schedule, costs and labour, while finishing the job to a very high standard.

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