Camlock System – the way of concrete forming in UK

An efficient, economical & versatile way of concrete forming in UK

Why keep wasting manpower and materials doing your forming the old way? Keep some money in your pocket by using our Camlock System!


The Gates Camlock System is an internally supported system of forming concrete. This removes the need for heavy external bracing, bolting and anchoring of the forms. By utilizing standard sheets of plywood and 4 X 2 it is light weight and reduces labour requirements. It takes just a few minutes to load a sheet with ties and clamps and set it in place ready for pouring.


There are virtually no nail or screws used in the system, this means it comes apart easily and the separate components can be reused countless times. This reduces the cost per use immensely and reduces the waste which impacts the environment. Since the system utilizes standard 18mm plywood and 4X2’s it is light weight, easy to handle and very versatile.

By removing the need of cranes or telehandlers for manhandling the individual panels and lowering labour requirements, your overall labour costs go down. With the speed at which the system goes together and strips down your reducing your labour costs even further.


The Gates Camlock system is designed for more than just your standard wall. Do you have a column on your site that needs to be formed? We can do a 100mm form as easily as a 10 meter wide form. While our system works great with a short wall, it can also be stacked as easily as it is to run it horizontally. With a maximum recommended height of 7.2 meters for a single pour this system can accommodate all your needs.

Another advantage is we can set our forms without having a concrete base down. Since our system does not require heavy external bracing we do not need big brackets anchored down to concrete either.

Cadet-Camlock-Systems-Forming 3

Single Sided Forming

We have all had one of “those” jobs that you can only access one side of the form. They take a lot of work and a lot of material. Using specialty ties we can easily take care of those jobs. Even with these types of jobs the need for heavy external bracing is eliminated by using our Camlock System.



Radius Forms

The Gates Camlock System can do more than just a standard straight wall…how about putting a curve in your retaining wall.


While are system works great with a standard wall, up to 7.2 meters high in a single pour. Width is also not a problem. We can form a wall 100mm wide up to whatever you may need.

What are your engineering requirements?

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